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Health and Wellbeing Park proposal for Shipston

A bright future for health services

Shipston Medical Centre is working with the League of Friends of Shipston Hospitals to raise awareness of a new project to develop a Health and Wellbeing Park in Shipston.

The project, led by Warwickshire County Council (WCC), NHS Warwickshire and the South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT), includes proposals for GP and care services, a community hospital and an Extra Care Housing Scheme, alongside a number of other community services.

Integrating social and medical and other community services together within the town, would enable us to diagnose and treat more people closer to home.  That means being treated more quickly, by appropriately qualified people, with fewer people having to make a trip to a hospital over 15 miles away.

Proposed Core Services

The vision behind the Health and Wellbeing Park is to maximise the ability to keep people healthy and independent in their community, and could incorporate the following:

  • A new Shipston Medical Centre, offering a wider range of services
  • A new Ellen Badger Hospital with expanded services including an acute assessment unit, day unit and supporting rehabilitation services
  • Extra care housing, providing independent living with the backup of 24 hour care accessible when needed
  • Home-based care and support to help those who have suffered illness or injury to regain confidence and independence
  • Specialist residential care beds for those with the highest needs

These services would be fully integrated so that care can be organised around individual patients.

 The intention is for the Park to be a hub for the whole community.  Therefore, other facilities such as library services, a crèche and café will be considered as part of the plans, to help everyone keep their minds and bodies fit and well.

Why act now?

Carrying on as normal is no longer an option.  Overall, Shipston has a high standard of health and social care.  However, our existing infrastructure is not fit for purpose and is unable to adapt to future demands as the population grows and changes.

If we don’t make appropriate plans now, we simply won’t have the right facilities or sufficient funds to provide the standard of care we believe residents have a right to expect.

Public consultation carried out for the Town Plan in 2006 showed that residents in Shipston wanted an increase in provision of local health services as well as nursing and residential care.   We strongly believe that people in rural communities should be able to access good quality healthcare close to home, including preventative advice, diagnostics and treatment. 

Making it happen

Work is now beginning on an Outline Business Case (OBC) to determine whether the project can deliver a financially viable, modern health and care system. 

The OBC has been jointly commissioned by WCC and the NHS Arden Cluster (comprising NHS Warwickshire and NHS Coventry Primary Care Trusts).  They will use the OBC findings to decide whether to proceed to a full business case, which would include site identification and public consultation. 

The aim is to ultimately transfer services to the new Park within 2-5 years.

We need your help

To help ensure the success of the OBC, the support of the local community is vital – we need to be able to demonstrate that there is high demand for the Health and Wellbeing Park.

Let’s make an impact

The League of Friends will be presenting a pledge of support to the WCC-led project team in early 2012. 

To pledge your support for the Health and Wellbeing Park vision, click Health Park: Pledge your support or call 01608 661845

How can I find out more?

A newsletter providing information about the proposal has been produced, and can be picked up from the Medical Centre.  Alternatively you can download our newsletter below. 

Download our Newsletter Autumn 11 (pdf file)

Getting involved:
If you would like to register for regular updates about this project, including how you can get involved, or would like to send us your comments/questions, please email us as 
(Please note that by giving us your contact details, you are allowing us to add you to our database and to send you information about this project.  Your details will not be passed to third parties)

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Health and Wellbeing Park Update May 2012

The Medical Centre has championed the vision behind the proposed Health and Wellbeing Park because we feel that a project such as this is vital to maintain the quality of care local residents have a right to expect, and accommodate the needs of the growing population. We have been delighted to have the support of the League of Friends of Shipston Hospitals, and have found both the county council and South Warwickshire Foundation Trust to be very supportive of the project and the efforts to develop a robust Outline Business Case.
It is with great disappointment, therefore, that we feel the need to alert residents to our increasing concerns that the support needed from the Arden Cluster (NHS Warwickshire and NHS Coventry Primary Care Trusts) is unlikely to be forthcoming, even before the Outline Business Case is completed.  Moreover, our fear is that some of the work done to date may be used to justify changes in existing local services, which we would be unable to support.
Shipston Medical Centre will continue to work with the project team and other stakeholders to try and drive forward the original vision and sincerely hope that our fears will prove unfounded.  However, in the interests of remaining as open as possible, we wanted to share the current position as we see it sooner rather than later.
If you have any queries, please contact the Medical Centre and ask for Rachel Vial.  

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