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Shipston Medical Centre Fees

The National Health Service provides most health care free of charge, but there are exceptions. There are a number of other services for which fees are charged. This is because the service is not covered by NHS funding, for example medical reports for insurance companies, insurance claim forms for referrals to private care and other letters and forms which require the GP to review the patient’s medical record.

The services shown below are not provided under the National Health Service contract and therefore will incur a charge if requested. Many of these services are requested by insurance companies who may or may not cover the cost i.e. a road traffic assessment. Please check with your provider before requesting the service.  If we are asked by a patient to complete such work we will expect the patient to pay any fees, unless we have evidence that a third party has previously committed to meeting the costs.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you require a service that is not listed here, that you think may be chargeable, please make an enquiry at reception or through our website.

Medicals and Reports 

Insurance claim forms

£36.80 (inc VAT)

To whom it may concern letter

£17.80 (inc VAT) dependent on length

Form signing

£12 (inc VAT)

War pensions 

(Veterans Agency)

No fee

HGV medical exam

£90 (inc VAT)

Taxi/private hire medical exam

£90 (inc VAT)

Travel insurance claim forms

£36.80 (inc VAT)

Ofsted reports

£100.55 (inc VAT)

Passport identification form

£24.55 (inc VAT)

Racing driver fitness

£90 (inc VAT)

Shot gun licence

£24.55 (inc VAT)

Fitness for health/club/sport

£36.80 (inc VAT)

Lasting Power of Attorney

£120 (inc VAT)

Medical record photocopying

Up to £50 (inc VAT)

Private Healthcare

Private consultation

£25 (10min) (inc VAT)

Private blood test

£25 (inc VAT)

Private prescriptions

£Cost of drug + VAT + £5 dispensing fee

Private vaccinations

See travel below

Private road traffic Accident assessment

£21.30 (inc VAT)


Most vaccinations required for travel will incur a fee. Due to the complexities of determining the vaccinations required and the charge we have a dedicated travel health clinic. Please see the travel section of our website for more information Travel Health Clinics.

If you have any questions relating to these fees, please address them to the Deputy Practice Manager before requesting the service. The Practice reserves the right to adjust these fees in the light of amount of work involved in completing the form in question. You will be advised of any adjusted fee prior to completion. 

Last updated February 2017

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