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Learning and Development

Education & Development

As a practice, we are very interested in education and development. To offer an excellent service to you, it is important that all the clinicians and other team members continue to develop and keep up to date. Therefore, every practice member has regular training, and all the doctors are involved in training and learning.

All doctors now how to prove their competence and learning through a process called revalidation.  The General Medical Council, who license doctors to practice, will be reviewing evidence provided by each doctor to check that they remain up-to-date and safe in their practice.  Patients are asked to help this process by periodically providing feedback about their doctor in the form of a patient survey.

Training doctors in practice

Drs Gilder, Williams, Pritchard, Levison and Barcoe are accredited as trainers.  

GP training

We usually have doctors who are training to be general practitioners working in the practice. These doctors are already qualified and experienced in working in a hospital.  They are with us to learn the particular skills needed to be a good General Practitioner (GP).  These doctors are usually with the practice for 6 months or a year.  As part of their training they will ask patients to provide feedback about their consultation in the form of a questionnaire. 

Video consultations

Patients may also be asked if they are happy to have their consultation filmed.  The recorded consultations are then reviewed by the trainee and their trainer as part of reviewing and assessing the trainees performance as GP.  Where patients do not wish to have their consultation recorded this decision is fully respected and will have no impact on the quality of care provided.

Joint consultations

In some cases a GP in training may sit in with the training doctor's appointments. Where patients do not wish to have an additional doctor in the room this decision is fully respected; it is your consultation and your choice. 

Medical students

We also host medical students from Warwick University in the practice.  These students are usually getting their first taste of working as a doctor in a general practice setting, and spend most of their time accompanying our GPs whilst they undertake their duties.  Where patients do not wish to have a medical student in their consultation this decision is fully respected and will have no impact on the quality of care provided.

We all strongly believe that supporting learners is a very positive task to be involved in, as it supports learning in the practice as a whole, helps provide variety in our workload keeping us engaged and motivated and as a training practice we are regularly inspected and have to prove our adherence to higher standards of care.