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Welcome to Shipston Medical Centre

If you have a cough or a fever you should self-isolate for 7 days.  If you are self-isolating and need medical help access NHS 111 

For the latest coronavirus advice click here

How to wash your hands guidance here


Dispensary – collection of medication (Not Boots or Pharmacy to my Door customers)

From Monday 22/06/2020 the Dispensary will be open for the collection of medication via the front window of the Dispensary which is located outside of the building. Therefore from Wednesday 17/06/2020 if you place an order for repeat medication you will need to stipulate whether this is for “delivery” or “collection”. If you do not stipulate we will assume it is for collection. Please collect if you can, so that we can prioritise deliveries for the vulnerable and elderly.

 The Dispensary will be open from 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

 If you pay for your prescriptions please pay using a card, we will not be taking cash.

 There will be an appropriate queuing area for medication collection separate to the main surgery.

 Please do not attend the surgery to re-order your medication, please call 01608 662733 and leave a message if you have not registered for on-line re-ordering.

 Please allow a week for deliveries or collections to be delivered or available to collect.




Shipston Medical Centre Statement regarding Coronavirus

23rd April 2020

In view of the continuing global pandemic and the unprecedented strain on the NHS we are having to change the way we provide healthcare in order to prioritise care to those in need.

We are trying to do as much as possible remotely with telephone and video consultations to try and protect the most vulnerable, so please not visit the Medical Centre without a pre-booked appointment.

We have taken the decision to prioritise our efforts to focus on 'urgent clinical need' only and routine work will be suspended for the time being. This is to ensure we can continue to provide safe care to our community as needed. 

We will be cancelling pre-booked routine appointments for everything but essential care.  Urgent concerns should be raised with us at the time the occur, allowing us to triage and reduce risk to patients and only see face to face consultations when it is safe to do so. It may be helpful to view this video to help explain the approach we are taking:

Our staff are working hard to ensure we continue to support our community and we will ensure medications are supplied safely. 

We appreciate this is a very different way of working but it is necessary to ensure we can provide the best care in very challenging times.

With the wonderful community we have we will need to all work together to support those in need. Our experience so far is that patients have been understanding about the pressure we are under and we appreciate your ongoing support.

Please click here to find out about changes to Coventry and Warwickshire hospitals due to Covid 19.

The Primary Healthcare Team at Shipston aims to provide our patients with personal and continuing care which is accessible, responsive to need, prompt and of a high standard of quality.

We strongly believe in providing comprehensive preventative medicine and health promotion for the whole of our practice population.




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